Episode 67: The Gorilla In the Room!

Well, knitting friends . . . sometimes you miss the BIG stuff when you’re looking at the details. Here is my story of woe! Plus, fiber mill talk about Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill, a Making Stories Review, and giveaways old and new! If you want to learn more about fiber processing, I’m also uploading a supplemental video answering your questions about fiber processing and mill processing! Show notes for both are below. Thanks to Dawn Brown, Anne Bosch, and all of you viewers out there 🙂 Lovely to hang with you today! ~Melissa

Giveaway Info: To win one of two prizes from Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill, please leave a comment here, on the blogpost for this episode, or on the Ravelry thread about woolen and/or worsted yarn. Anything you want to know or learn! I’ll draw two winners in two weeks time via random number. Please note: international winners are responsible for their own postage costs. Good luck!

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6 Responses to Episode 67: The Gorilla In the Room!

  1. lynnecmcstoragenet says:

    Hi, Melissa
    I loved your story about the gorilla on the room! I agree with your feelings about it and think making a pillow out of the reversed section is a good save. I know I’ve done that kind of thing but can’t think of a good example at the moment.

    I love your videos, both the regular KTS as well as your instructional videos. Thanks so much, Melissa! Great work!

    Lynne Powell in Portland, Oregon.

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  2. Bel Vassar says:

    What a wonderful episode! It couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Definitely enter me
    in your giveaway.
    Thanks so much!

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  3. Kimberly says:

    I’m not clear exactly what the difference is in the two different yarns you discussed. I’d like to learn more and feel the difference by getting one or the other. 🙂

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