Shorn II (2019 clip) Order Information


Shorn II (2019 clip) has SOLD OUT. Thank you so much for all of your interest and orders! I can’t wait to see what this yarn becomes! If you are interested in joining the mailing list, please email me at 🙂

The yarn launch video is live–you can learn more about the yarn, the patterns, and the giveaway there! Info on the giveaway can also be found at the end of the post!

Yarn Info
Shorn 2019 is a 3-ply sport weight yarn that has about 250yds per 4oz. It’s in a beautiful blended grey made up of Corriedale and Teeswater wool from right here in Illinois! We cared for some of Cathe’s sheep from Seven Sisters Farm on our own pastures this summer and this blend is bouncy, next-to-skin soft, and perfect for cables and texture. It’s been milled in the midwest, at Stonehedge Fiber Mill, and it’s all natural–no synthetic stuff, no dyes, nothing but awesome, local, natural fiber!

Kephren Pritchett ( designed two wonderful accessories just for this yarn: the Traveling Hat and the Traveling (fingerless) Mitts. Both take full advantage of the plump, 3-ply yarn to make their cables pop! And you can purchase these patterns WITH or WITHOUT the yarn! Click the links above to view Kephren’s Ravelry Shop.


  • Each skein: $25*
  • Traveling Hat Kit (1 skein of yarn, digital download code): $30*
  • Traveling Mitts Kit (1 skein of yarn, digital download code): $30*

*Domestic shipping will be $6 for 1 skein, $8 for 2 skeins, and $12 for 3+ skeins
*International shipping is available, but costs will vary by location

Thank you all so much for your support of farm-to-skein yarn and communities! I’d love to share a little piece of this flock with you 🙂

~Melissa & the sheep 🙂
Giveaway Info: To win the skein of Shorn and a digital pattern from Kephren Pritchett, leave a comment here, on the blogpost for this episode, or on the Ravelry thread. Please let me know why you care where your yarn comes from or what you’d like to know about farm-to-skein yarns! I’ll draw a winner in two weeks time via random number. Please note: international winners are responsible for their own postage costs. Good luck!
*Please note that there is a limited yarn supply. I will accept orders on a first-come, first-served basis. If I cannot fill your order, I’ll let you know as as soon as possible.
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16 Responses to Shorn II (2019 clip) Order Information

  1. metaspencer says:

    It is just so, so cool that you’ve done this and put it all together. Plus, the yarn looks great.

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  2. Jackie says:

    I love the idea that the yarn I am going to be working with came from a friend’s sheep. They took care of these sheep for me to be able to make something for my family.
    I am also so happy that you have put this together for us. The yarn and patterns are fantastic. Thank You so much. Jackie

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  3. Heidi A. Laws says:

    I want to support small farms because I, too, am starting up a small flock! I’m a little confused about how to order the yarn. Is there a website to order the yarn from? I’ve looked for a link and can’t seem to find one.

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  4. C.RandyRat says:

    I care where my yarn comes from because I have a soft Spot for Sheep. My childhood Stuffedy is a Lamb, who just turned 45 in January. Because of that I don’t eat Sheep (lots of folks laugh at that) I want to make sure I’m supporting shepherds/shepherdesses who treat their Sheep with kindness and treat them like family Like they Deserve to be treated.

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  5. Ashley Scott says:

    I’m so excited to have seen this come full circle. As a small business owner I understand the work that goes into making with your hands. Knowing money is going straight into the hands of a family really excites me and is great reason I love making purchases in this manner.

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  6. Julie Larrabee says:

    I care where my yarn comes from because I love personally knowing who gave their time and effort to give me the opportunity to make with wonderful supplies. Small business folks have much more of a vested interest and love for their products I have found, and if I want to visit to see where my farm products come from, I have yet to have anyone turn me down. Lucky for us in this case, you are a trusted source of information and have done the research for us, and your stamp of approval is good enough for me! Thank you so much Melissa for bringing us this opportunity!!

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  7. sue swartz herr says:

    I’m interested in the yarn because it is “real,” relatively unprocessed sheep wool. I’ve just become introduced to Corriedale in some sock yarn, and it will be nice to compare the two.

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