Episode 74: The Spinning Episode!

Hi everyone: I hope you’re safe and well! And I’m hoping this installment might offer a bit of a respite from the media and news. I’ve got some spinning for you (I know, right?!?), a bit about the talk I *had planned* to give to the Illinois Sheep and Lamb Producers this weekend, and sixth-sleeve syndrome: yep, I have six to knit (eep!). Plus the Maniototo Woool giveaway winners are announced! Come hang out a while? ~Melissa

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6 Responses to Episode 74: The Spinning Episode!

  1. Anyone interested in a cloth mask (for wear with low risk patients or just around the office so you don’t touch your face?



  2. ReginaMary says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, and learned so much from you. I enjoyed seeing photos of you and your friend and her farm.

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  3. ReginaMary says:

    Welp, New York is getting hit hard, and I have siblings in Tokyo and Hong Kong. We are learning to live with the fear, without living **in** fear. Does that make sense? I work in a middle school, so I can totally relate to your situation. Where would we be without our wool!!! 😄 Stay well, my friend.

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