Episode 76: Making in the Pandemic

Hello makers! This episode is all about what Spencer and I have been making in the pandemic. It’s always nice to have Spencer on as a podcast–I know you all love seeing him visit in the yarn room πŸ™‚ Plus, I have a second finished Chimney sweater, more on my Afterthought sweater WIP, and two GIVEAWAY winners for the Ranching Tradition Fiber yarn giveaway. Oh . . . and I have a little something up my sleeve for you all: another GIVEAWAY from my own stash! Details are below. I hope you’re all safe and well! ~Melissa

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Giveaway Info: To enter to win one of THREE prizes, two from my stash(!), please leave a comment here, on episode 76 (YouTube), or on the Ravelry thread for this giveaway. It’s simple: let me know whether you’d like yarn or fiber and your favorite color! The third prize is a gifted Ravelry pattern of your choice –just let me know your favorite pattern! I’ll draw three winners in two weeks time via random number. Please note: because of pandemic shipping limitations, yarn/fiber winners must be in the US; pattern winners can be anywhere in the world!


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7 Responses to Episode 76: Making in the Pandemic

  1. metaspencer says:

    Woohoo! another cast!

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  2. Kim Merritt says:

    I look forward to your cast!

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  3. Lovely to see you both again and catch up with your doings. For some reason whenever you say you’re from Urbana, Illinois it sounds really exotic to me. I love the colours of your cowl/sweater and Spencer’s Chimney Sweater is great, although I feel if he’s going to model he needs a pipe like in the patterns of the 1950s and 1960s. I was interested when you said that you feel the armhole shaping is wrong and too deep. This is because I always look at top-down sweaters and think the armholes never look right – they’re not deep enough! Isn’t it funny, and very much a case of one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Glad to know you’re keeping safe.

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    • Hi Pamela–I know what you mean about the armholes . . . sometimes they just surprise you! And it’s so funny to hear Urbana described as exotic πŸ™‚ It’s a very normal midwestern town. Then again, I tend to find any new place exotic–Spencer and I spent two days in Falkirk a couple of years ago and loved it. Hoping you’re well!


  4. ReginaMary says:

    Checking out the episode as soon as I catch up here. See you soon!! Oh, and tell your other viewers that they don’t need to enter the giveaway; I am the winner! πŸ™‚

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