Episode 81: Inspired By Design

Hello fun fiber folk! Here is an episode in which I talk about sweaters and chatter with my partner in craft, Spencer. We have a lot to say about design, apparently! And it’s the second installment of “Name that Stash” in which Spencer pillages the yarn room and I have to identify the yarn he’s found. Fun times. Plus, a giveaway at the end! I hope you’re all well! ~Melissa xxoo

To enter the giveaway for the knitting needles OR the yarn: please leave a comment here, on the Ravelry thread, or on the blogpost for this episode. Tell me something good! Anything and everything positive–we need some good news around here! I’ll draw two winners in two weeks via random number. Due to the pandemic, I am only able to ship to the domestic US at the moment. Hoping to return to full international giveaways soon!

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9 Responses to Episode 81: Inspired By Design

  1. Nicole says:

    I’ve decided to take a new job and I’m so happy about it!

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  2. C.RandyRat says:

    Fantastic Job on “NAME THAT SKEINNNNNN!”… thanks for the info about “Old Crow” Art Yarns…
    HappyNote: I found a Fun free Pattern of a Pirate 🏴‍☠️ Mouse 🐁 catnip toy, by http://www.whodunnknit.com & knitting Up Cap’t Cat-Batler has made my Evening… can’t wait to knit him a Colorful Crew! Aye Matey . . . Here’s to a Fantastic Week! . . . Nicole congrats on the new job as well! ~ C.RandyRat

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  3. ReginaMary says:

    Nice to hear from you, Melissa. How are things in your state? Will you be teaching remotely this coming semester?

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    • Yes, thankfully I’ll be teaching online and my son will be in school remotely! How are you??

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      • ReginaMary says:

        Holding strong in NY! Waiting for the Gov. to determine whether or not schools will be expected to open in a few weeks. Working in a middle school is like reporting to a petri dish everyday on a good day. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. My son is in the local college and he will be completely remote this semester. I have mixed feelings. There are days when I think things will be fine, then there are days when I feel utter panic.

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  4. Kathy Wise says:

    Some people cannot ‘see’ how a sweater will work out if knitted in a different style yarn, or sometimes even a different color. They are limited by their vision. You (and I to an extent) see a pattern and immediately see how it would look if … and we also see sweaters and immediately think how mu better they would look if … so that’s one of the reasons why we knit. We love making it our very own!

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    • Hi Kathy, I’m a little late responding!! But thanks for this. I agree–and I find that it’s sometimes easier to “see” these things when someone else has already done the hard work of designing! I hope you’re well!


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