Episode 83: Hikari, History & Bad Sheep!

Hello party people! The time is here for a HUGE giveaway from Bad Sheep Yarn . . . Yay! Plus, my Hikari modifications are finished and I have some history about Yoked sweaters from Kate Davies. Looking forward to spending a little time with you, when you find a free minute and a fresh cup of tea 🙂 ~Melissa

To enter the giveaway from Bad Sheep Yarn, please leave a comment here, on the Ravelry thread, or on the blogpost for this episode. Tell me your favorite colorway from Bad Sheep Yarn! You can enter a second time when I post the giveaway to Instagram later this week. Due to the pandemic, I am only able to ship to the domestic US at the moment. Hoping to return to full international giveaways soon!

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13 Responses to Episode 83: Hikari, History & Bad Sheep!

  1. metaspencer says:

    yeah! sweater power!


  2. jmshep says:

    My favorite Bad Sheep Yarn colorway is
    Dark Woods👩🏽‍🦱


  3. Lynn Clarey says:

    Enjoy your podcasts very much. Awesome give away. I’d pick the Birch colourway for my favourite.


  4. Chris Tocko says:

    Love the Hikari! I ordered some yarn and can’t wait to follow your modifications. Hope I don’t get lost! My favorite Bad Sheep Yarn colorway is Desert Sun. Gorgeous!


  5. Melissa N Bryan Rutherford says:

    Thanks for highlighting a new dyer for me. I checked out her page and love the Desert Sun. I’m going to have to place an order.


  6. Holly Arnold says:

    Oh my – coffee please! Love your sweater! Thanks for the chance to win


  7. Janet Daniels says:

    I love herbal tea and the Roiibos Tea colorway calls to me.


  8. C. RandyRat Crafts says:

    Ha! Fantastic Sweater!! I’d have to say Bad Sheep Yarn made it difficult for me to Pick a Favorite, but the one that hits home for me Is “Librarian“… couldn’t resist a Nod to my sister, my absolute Favorite Librarian!! I also like Fireweed, Beach Towel & Birch . . . So many beauties!!


  9. ReginaMary says:

    What beautiful yarn! I had a difficult time choosing. I am torn between Rose Gold and Nebula. And Summer Rose.
    Roe Gold. Final answer!


  10. Rhonda Black says:

    Librarian is gorgeous and all of the Alaska 2020 colors are amazing


  11. Cheryl Clemons says:

    It is hard to choose which is my favorite but I really like sockeye salmon and grizzly


  12. Brian Kittle says:

    Can I have the Alaska 2020 colorway?…lol. J/K. I love the Grizzly.


  13. Susa Moran says:

    As always, this was another great informative episode, thank you!
    I’m a lover of green, and so the Sitka Spruce colorway of Bad Sheep Yarn sings to me.


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