Episode 86: Cowls, Clara Parkes & Paper Yarn

Hello lovely people! I have a *free* cowl pattern for you! Yay! And a sweater pillow, some socks, and a happy hand–yep, it’s healing and I’m moving (very slowly) to smaller needles! A new, fingering weight sweater has to be on the way soon . . . Plus, in this episode, I discuss paper yarn and announce the winner of the last giveaway. Oh, and of course, there is a new giveaway for Clara Parkes’ books, thanks to a CUSW Guild member! If you’re not on Ravelry and would like a PDF of the cowl pattern, please email me at knittingthestash@gmail.com

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To enter the giveaway for a one of the two Clara Parkes books (donated by Rachel!) please leave a comment here, on the Ravelry thread, or on the blogpost for this episode. Tell us a little about your favorite crafty author, blogger, podcaster, or magazine editor/writer. Due to the pandemic, I am only able to ship to the domestic US at the moment. Hoping to return to full international giveaways someday!


  1. It’s a Wrap Cowl (Ravelry link)
  2. SweetGeorgia Yarn
  3. SweetGeorgia Worsted Yarn (fauna colorway)
  4. MadelineTosh Vintage Yarn
  5. Paper Yarn: Hiroko Karuno, Susan Byrd, OJI Fiber
  6. Shifu, A Traditional Paper Textile of Japan (academic PDF)
  7. Country Socks in Folk Socks
  8. Hippy Yarn
  9. Purl Soho Jasmine Scarf
  10. Inspired by Islay
  11. Clara Parkes

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3 Responses to Episode 86: Cowls, Clara Parkes & Paper Yarn

  1. Kimberly Hale says:

    I just wanted to tell you that I really love hanging out with you on your YouTube channel.

    This cowl is beautiful and I can’t wait to make it. :). Thank you!

    Sent from my iPhone


    Liked by 2 people

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