Episode 87: Design-O-Rama!

This episode is about designing a new sweater and sketching sweater doodles to get there . . . Spencer has a lot to say about sweater drawing, so he came on the cast to chat! Plus, a new sweater design is in the works (from me!) and I have tons of giveaways to announce! Hang out a while? ~Melissa

If you love the content, consider supporting me with a Kofi donation: https://ko-fi.com/knittingthestash. **Please note, all Kofis bought between now (Oct 18th) and the end of November will be donated to Andrew and Andrea of FruityKnitting to help support them at this moment of need. Spencer and I are sending all good, healing thoughts their way!


  1. FruityKnitting: Patreon / direct Paypal Donations link
  2. Bags by Awesome Grannie (Darlene and Bruce York)
  3. Qing Fiber
  4. Green Mountain Spinnery
  5. Dissent Pullover
  6. Knitlandia
  7. Vanishing Fleece
  8. Shetland Wool Adventures Journal, vol 1
  9. Woolly Thistle
  10. metaspencer

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