Episode 88: In Progress . . .

Hello yarn people! Welcome to Episode 88! In this one I talk about a long-finished test knit, Meirg by LB Handknits; bring you up-to-date on the progress of my mohair design; and talk about knitting espionage! Yep, you heard that last bit right . . . fun stuff all around. I hope you’ll join me for some garment chatter and secret codes 🙂

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  1. Meirg by LB Handknits (Ravelry link)–you can also message her directly;
    1. Use code KTS40 for 40% off the pattern!
  2. Cocoknits Tidy Neck Decreases
  3. Green Mountain Spinnery Lana yarn
  4. Qing Fiber (mohair)
  5. Sleeve Cap Tutorial
  6. Better Sweater Series
  7. Knitting as Espionage Tool” (thanks to Peg Wolf)
  8. Crafty Wartime Spies” (thanks to Ruth Smith)
  9. Stitches in Time

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2 Responses to Episode 88: In Progress . . .

  1. Another great episode of the podcast, and lovely to see your works in progress and hear your thoughts on the design elements.
    Being an older knitter and having learned the craft using what I suppose are now “antiquated” patterns, everything you said about seeming like code and being impossible to follow echo my feelings exactly… but not about written patterns, about charts! I can’t see where I am in a chart without covering it with tape, colouring it in, and generally faffing about for more time than a self-respecting knitter should devote to anything other than the stitches on their needles! Reading an old pattern with everything written out in its abbreviated form makes things so clear to me and is such a relief. I always feel like I’m missing out on something because it seems like everyone in the knitting community is extolling charted instructions as the best thing ever, but I know deep down in my heart that the only explanation is that you are all aliens!!

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    • Pamela, I felt the same way when I started knitting: charts seemed so alien to me and super frustrating to follow. I loved patterns that wrote out the stitches and only later tried to figure out the charts. I like them now, but sometimes (if a pattern includes both), I’ll double check my interpretation of a chart with those instructions!!

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