Episode 92: Aquatic Sheep & Sea Green Sweaters

Hello yarn-y people! Welcome back to another episode . . . in this one, we dive for aquatic sheep (aka Sea Silk) and I walk you through my Sea Green Hopi sweater (by Linka Neumann). I also have a bunch of fun things that arrived via email or snail mail from friends in the community to share! Feel free to message with questions and happy new year to all! ~Melissa

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2 Responses to Episode 92: Aquatic Sheep & Sea Green Sweaters

  1. ReginaMary says:

    I enjoyed this episode, Melissa. I was thinking about the yardage for your sweater. I’m wondering if you used more of the straw color because you used a larger needle for the yoke. With the three-color design, the floats may have used up just a little bit more yarn to compensate. Does that make sense?

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