Episode 93: Bunnies and Busses

Hi friends! I have two co-hosts today: Belle the Bunny and Spencer! I’ll talk toy knitting first–especially Louise Crowther’s Knitted Animal Friends; then Spencer comes on to discuss process vs product making, giving away our makes, and re-homing the prison bus 🙂 I hope you can grab a cup and a few minutes to join us! ~Melissa

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6 Responses to Episode 93: Bunnies and Busses

  1. ReginaMary says:

    Can’t wait to watch. A highlight of my queue. 💕

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  2. Thanks to you, Spencer and Belle for keeping me company on my lunch break! So much fun 😊 I’m trying to decide whether I’m a product or process knitter… I think process juuust has the edge, but it’s close! For the unworn sweaters in your storage bin, have you thought about unravelling them & reusing the yarn? I’m doing that with some of my (questionable) early makes and I’m loving making them into things I’ll actually wear.

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    • aww, I feel like we were almost there with you, Helen! Great idea about some of the early sweaters . . . I might just need to do that–OR take the time to make the minor adjustments that would make the sweaters wearable!! lol. Hoping you and the Beasties are well!


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