Episode 107: The Knitting Food Pyramid?!?!

If you’re looking for a good laugh, this episode is for you! Spencer is back from his trip in the yarn mobile and he even agreed to stop by the podcast. Today’s topic: the knitting food pyramid (!?!?) I hope it gives you a good chuckle. Also: information about new modification classes and a Flock Farm Yarn Shop update 🙂 Come hang a while and you might even find a GIVEAWAY that you’ll like at the end! ~Melissa

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To enter the GIVEAWAY for a skein from the Flock Farm Yarn Shop, please leave a comment here, on the episode thread, or on the Ravelry thread for this episode. Tell me what you’d like to see in the Flock Shop in terms of weights, colors, and fibers! This one is open worldwide, but if you are outside of the US, you must pay shipping costs in order to accept your prize. I’ll draw a winner by random number in 2 weeks time.


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