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Warp Board

As many of you know, Spencer is an excellent maker of things–and particularly fiberish things. In preparation for weaving on the loom, he made this beautiful warp board based on some specs and advice from a few dear CU fiber … Continue reading

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Video Tutorial: Plying and a Very Lazy Kate

While in NY, I  was working away at some Zebra striped mill ends, sorting them roughly and spinning singles. Then, with two bobbins full, it was time to ply . . . but out there, I have no Tensioned Lazy … Continue reading

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Drum Carder Hack: Wallpaper Brush

My DIY drum carder doesn’t have one of those handy-dandy built-in brushes to push the fiber down onto the drum. These brushes are especially useful (it seems) when carding fluffier fibers or fibers that simply don’t want to pack down … Continue reading

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DIY Lazy Kate

The is a guest post by Spencer: Spinners, I’ve gathered, aren’t satisfied just spinning their batts of freshly carded wool into yarn. As soon as a nice spool of yarn is complete, they want to ply it. My own theory … Continue reading

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How To: Nature Washing Raw Fleece with Janneke Plomp

Many of us wash our fleeces with HOT soapy water . . . some of us wash using a cold water bath . . . and then there are some brave souls who save water, and wash in a single … Continue reading

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Tips and Tricks: Washing, Drying, and Storing Wool

Sometimes it’s the small things that make everything easier–and sometimes cheaper! 1) Water heater temps: when I am in wool washing mode, it’s set between 140 and 160 degrees. This helps to melt the lanolin and makes for a nice … Continue reading

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DIY Drum Carder

This is a guest post written by Spencer: Spinners have some interesting gear. They come with their niddy noddies, they come with their lazy Kates, and if you pry it turns out they have various carders stashed away. And then, of course, there … Continue reading

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