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Spinzilla: A First-Timer’s Perspective

I loved it. It was grueling. I tried a lot of new things. My spinning is forever changed. I may not have produced the most yardage (ha!), but I took the week as an opportunity to test myself, to learn … Continue reading

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When I first started spinning, I was a bit more adventurous–mostly because I had no idea what I was actually doing! Then, I found my first few braids, purchased some raw fleece, and began to believe that everything should be … Continue reading

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Operation Combination

I have made my selection and spun my first 4oz of fiber . . . operation combination is underway! Here is a wee image essay: the first two images are my two braids; the third is both braids laid out … Continue reading

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Postcard from the Loom

Spencer spun up some fun fluff the other day and I cleared a few bobbins. “I’ll use it all for the weft!” he said, with some excitement. And he will . . .

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Postcards from the Yarn Room

Happy Thursday everyone! I have roasted myself this week planning events, recovering from other events, teaching, and planning my fiber class for the Middle School kids! So, what I needed to see is a few relaxing pictures of yarn, fresh … Continue reading

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Found: In the Spinning Bag

Sometimes I forget about things . . . like my spinning bag. It’s been a few weeks (gulp) since I’ve had time to devote to spinning; I’ve even been out of town for my usual Saturday spinning meet-ups. The bad … Continue reading

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Life with an Amazon Reviewer

As many of you know, I am not the only one in my household with a hobby. My dear S is quite the Amazon reviewer (#32 in the country!) And he can always use some crowdsourced assistance–check out his reviews … Continue reading

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