Knit Together Project

I am so excited about the Knit Together Project! Instead of the ice pick that other makers are sending around to each other, we have DPNs, and instead of a string of YouTube videos, we have blanket squares! I can’t wait to see all of the ways that our community is knit together, to receive and seam up the blanket squares, to share your fiber stories, and to giveaway the final project(s) to one of YOU awesome participants! I’m getting the ball rolling with a few of my podcast/blogger friends–and they will send on some DPNs to the next crew.

**I’m hoping a lot of fiber folk will get involved, whether you are “tagged” or not!!

You’ll find all of the info below!


Please get in touch via email ( or via Ravelry (we have a group or you can PM me) if you would like to join in!

Lots of maker communities collaborate or play “tag” with fun objects, ideas, materials, or FOs. Right now, for example, there is an ice pick making the rounds with YouTubers . . . each person who receives the ice pick makes a video about using the object. I thought that we fiber-fellows could make up a collective project of our own. Won’t you join me?

Our GOAL: make at least one blanket—maybe 2 or 3!?—out of squares knit by members of our awesome fiber community. We’ll keep track and have some fun in a Ravalry group dedicated to the project. I expect the project to last a year (or more!)

How to PLAY (2 ways):

A) TAG: I will “tag” a few of my favorite podcasters and bloggers by sending out a first round of DPNs; if you are “tagged” (and willing!) make and send me a blanket square that is 8”x8”–any pattern you like!– and then, send on the DPNs to someone else!

B) JOIN IN: send me a PM on Ravalry and I’ll gladly accept blanket squares from anyone who wants to join in the knit together!

SOULFUL Stash: yarn/fiber materials should be special in some way: local to you, handspan, something you’ve dyed, something you love ❤ Nothing acrylic, please! Thanks to Sarah of Fiber Trek for the perfect terminology for this 🙂

GIVEAWAY: I will seam up all of the squares I receive . . . Everyone who knits and submits a square will be entered to win the finished blankets(s)!! Wowza!!

QUESTIONS? Email me at