Colorado Spice Market!

Hello friends! Here is your FO for a mid-week pep-up! My On the Spice Market shawl made from beautiful colorado wool!


I made this version of the popular On the Spice Market shawl out of Jennifer Guyer’s beautiful Pace and Presence yarn. It’s her third yarn line designed from wool that is grown, sheared, sorted, milled, and dyed in the western US–largely in Colorado. It’s a soulful stash kind of yarn that makes you think of place and the sheepy friends who give us their warm wool each year! The yarn is 2-ply and can be purchased in 300yd skeins (neutrals) and 100yd skeins (colors) and it’s GREAT for color work!! All of the colors are overdyed and have a beautifully heathered appearance. I loved working with the yarn and after its washed it blooms beautifully! Completely colorfast and the reds, purples, and greens are some of my favorite–but Jennifer has so many colors to choose from!

My only modification here is that the center has 3 repeats instead of 4; this allowed me to make the shawl with 1 x natural skein and 6 x different colors. My Ravelry project page can be found here.

And now . . . this baby is off in the post to its forever home . . . I hope the recipient is happily surprised 🙂

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Episode 31: All Things Irish!

Episode 31 features all things Irish: yarn, dyers, designers! Oh, and some wool washing via fermentation! Yum! Come hang out to talk about LB Handknits sweaters, a beautiful FO featuring Jennifer Guyor’s Pace and Presence Yarn, and some fun things in the mail!

To enter the GIVEAWAY for the Laitis Hat and S Twist Wool skein, leave a comment HERE, on the YouTube page for this episode, or in the LB Handknits Giveaway Ravelry thread: which of LB Handknits’ designs inspire you most? Check out her site here:

FOs: On the Spice Market
WIPs: LB HandKnits Cardigan, Better Sweater Series, KTP
Book Review: Knitting Details
Giveaway: LB Handknits


Show Notes:

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The Better Sweater Series #1: Sweater Evaluation

Well, hello there, weekenders! The first installment of The Better Sweater Series is up on YouTube! This series is meant to accompany our Re-Make-Along 2018, but it will also have advice, tips, tricks, and hacks that should be helpful to anyone working on pattern modifications or design! More to come! Check out the webpage for more details on the Re-Make-Along Project and head on over to the Ravelry group thread for some inspiration and conversation! Tell us what you’re going to make! #remake2018


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Fixing a Mis-Crossed Cable Without Ripping Stitches!

**If you are looking for the Dynamixx yarn GIVEAWAY, click here! You can also leave a comment in the Dynamixx Ravelry thread!


Well, that’s a mouthful of a blogpost title, eh?? But it’s true! I discuss this problem and my fix for it on Episode 30 of the knittingthestash Podcast, but I wanted to document it here for anyone who finds themselves with a mis-crossed cable of their own!

First, don’t despair! You may not need to rip out all of the seams or even all of your cable work. I have a hack that may just fix your sweater and save you a lot of tears . . .

As many of you know, I just finished up a Denali sweater for Spencer–it’s a complex, all-over cable sweater that’s knit flat and seamed at the end. I loved the process and checked my cables often . . . but I missed a big error! Right on the front panel! Ahhhhh! Can you see it below? HINT: Look right below Spencer’s left shoulder (where his heart is)



Instead of unseaming and ripping out an entire panel, I decided to go for a patch! Yep, I was feeling very much like a hacker and  . . . well, it worked! The specs are below for anyone interested!


So, here is the basic principle I used for repairing a mis-crossed cable: I needed a piece of fabric that would look like one of the cables. This was my recipe:

  • I cast on the same # of stitches as the cables on the sweater (in this case, 5)
  • I knit the number of rows before the typical cross (as listed in the pattern) adding 1-2 extra rows so that I would have enough fabric to tuck in the ends of the patch
  • At the cross point, I decreased by 2 stitches to give it that “pinched in” look of the other cables and then immediately increases by 2 stitches to allow the cable to lay flat again
  • I then knit the number of rows after the typical cross (as listed in the pattern) adding 1-2 extra rows so that I would have enough fabric to tuck in the ends of the patch
  • I tucked in the ends of the cable patch and tacked them down carefully, so as to not pucker the fabric any more; then I lightly tacked down the rest of the patch so that it would lay flat and look integrated.

I hope this hack saves someone else from a moment of panic!


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Spencer’s Denali Sweater

**If you are looking for the Dynamixx yarn GIVEAWAY, click here! You can also leave a comment in the Dynamixx Ravelry thread!


If you’re interested in more of the details, you can read about them on my Ravelry Project Page and, as promised, there will soon be a post about fixing a mis-crossed cable!


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Episode 30: Sweaterama!

Episode 30 features Spencer in his new Denali sweater . . . and, of course, Tink the puppy! Banter between us covers a CABLE FIX and a SWEATER PILLOW; I have an updated On the Spice Market shawl WIP made from Jennifer Guyor’s new Pace and Presence yarn; sweater test knits and big plans for the new year. Plus, an update on the Re-Make-Along and the Knit Together Project. And a gorgeous GIVEAWAY from Dynamixx Yarns! Come hang with me and my special guests!

To enter the GIVEAWAY, leave a comment HERE, on the YouTube video for this episode, or in the Dynamixx Giveaway Ravelry thread: what would you like to ask Marce and Adachi of Dynamixx Yarns?

FOs: Denali Sweater
WIPs: On the Spice Market and an LB Hand Knits Test Knit
Sweater Love: Laitis and Geiger
Giveaway: Dynamizz Yarn



Ravelry group:


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To Learn: 2018 Edition

In the spirit of lists-past and with an eye towards growing and changing and learning more, I present my 2018 To Learn list in all its promising glory:

  • Design a sweater–yep, I said it out loud!
  • Meet more of you fiber folk out there in communities around the world
  • Cultivate the podcast offerings and add more video tutorials
  • Complete the Re-Make-Along with all of you!!
  • Work on a fun collaboration/test knit with LBHand Knits
  • Conquer the Geology shawl that thwarted me in the past
  • Continue the one year, one blanket tradition! I’m talking about you, Persian Dreams Blanket in a worsted weight!
  • Become more adept at drop-spindling
  • Spin 1-2 braids/month on my Ladybug
  • Get my Matchless wheel tuned up and humming!
  • Check out a yarn shop in every city I visit ( . . . if it has a yarn shop)
  • Buy less random yarn and fiber–aim instead for sweater quantities of soulful wool!

What’s on your list? Share a link or give us an update on your plans in the comments! Happy New Year to everyone!


And, for posterity’s sake, here is the 2017 list with notes!

  • Practice and get more comfortable with colorwork (fair isle) DONE!
  • Be a test-knitter–I have one on the line already!! DONE!
  • Knit at least one practical sweater from my stash: Minthe?  Georgetown? DONE!
  • Conquer the Geology shawl that thwarted me in the past –adding this to 2018
  • Grow the Podcast and add more video tutorials! DONE!
  • Continue to work on lace and cables–learn their construction as much as possible DONE!
  • Continue the one year, one blanket tradition! This time, Feederbrook Farm yarn; the plan: a Persian Dreams Blanket that I have been dreaming about for 2+ years now–there is even a worsted version available! —Blanket started . . . but all those sweaters stole my attention from this project!
  • Keep a pair of socks on the needles at all times DONE!
  • Check out a yarn shop in every city I visit ( . . . if it has a yarn shop) DONE!
  • Spin at least 1/3 of the braids in my stash (whoa–that alone could take a while)          –hahahahahahahhaha. sniffle. hahahahahha.
  • Card or otherwise process at least 1/3 of the washed fiber in my stash                           –hahahahahahahhaha. sniffle. hahahahahha.
  • Buy less yarn and fiber–remember, the sheep will grow more! DONE!


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