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DIY Niddy Noddy

Of late, I’ve been in the market for some spinning supplies. And the price tag on some of these items is quite high. Now, I’m not suggesting that a beautiful maple or walnut something-or-other is not worth the cash–quite the … Continue reading

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Washing MORE Wool: Bin Method

This time, it’s the Blue Texel I received from the Netherlands. Same process, basically, but this time, I commandeered some of the old toy bins from my lovely 10 yr old–he volunteered them, very sweetly, and even emptied them out. … Continue reading

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Carding Party

I headed to B’s yesterday for the aforementioned carding party–just the two of us and that was terrific. I met B at the guild’s spinning meet-up, and while everyone was lovely and helpful, B and I really hit it off. … Continue reading

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Washing the Wool

I’ve been on the lookout for some raw fiber ever since I acquired that Shacht spinning wheel. It turns out that Facebook has some pretty awesome groups–Raw Wool for Sale; Farm to Fiber and several others. As sometimes happens, people … Continue reading

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