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Spinners Speak: Rachel Smith

As you know, I feel like I found a real treasure last month when ┬ástumbled upon Rachel Smith’s Wool n’ Spinning┬ápodcasts. She is an accomplished handspinner, knitter, teacher, and demonstrator. She is the force behind WelfordPurls–an excellent online resource for … Continue reading

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Combination Plying

Of late, I have seen some beautiful yarn produced by combination plying. The end result looks a bit like fractal spinning, but the technique is even simpler. Now, I’m guessing many of you have another name for this technique–if so, … Continue reading

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Spinner’s Speak: Jennifer Beamer of Expertly Dyed

I am very excited about today’s interview with Jennifer Beamer of Expertly Dyed! Why? Well, Jennifer was one of the first spinner-instructors I found online when I bought my drop spindle. Her YouTube videos guided me through my initial attempts … Continue reading

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Spinners Speak: Judy Hogan

I’m happy to announce a new feature on KnittingtheStash: Spinners Speak! I’ll feature hand spinners here: their stories of spinning, tips and tricks, and hopefully–a little bit of inspiration. This is a great opportunity to learn from the folks who … Continue reading

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