Reader, I Did Not Buy 11 Pounds of Fiber

Oh, I thought about it.

I dreamed about it (no, really!)

Someday, I may still click the buy now button . . .

But that 11 lbs of fiber sitting in an online shopping cart somewhere in the interwebs will remain virtual for the time being. Why? Well, because I have been doing some thinking and planning and recognizing: I have a lot of fiber. I am probably beyond S.A.B.L.E., as in I need help STAT! There are some excellent bloggers out there who track the yardage in and out of their stashes–I admire them greatly. I have not dared to do this math. But I know that I have a few (ahem) bins of fiber and yarn in the “yarn” room.

As I have posted here before, my stash is part curated collection, part living organism, and part wishful thinking. I have some skeins and braids that I do not imagine ever using–they are simply too beautiful or one of a kinds (OOAKs). A good majority of the yarn and fiber is in the working category–ready to be knit and attached to an upcoming pattern. And then there is the rest, which is basically a placeholder for all of the extra time, space, and skill I dream of acquiring someday. For now, a portion of my stash soothes that ache to be a full-time fiberista.

So, where would this 11lbs of fiber fit in? Imagine the time it would take to spin it up; the fun in planning strategies for the use of color and texture; the tubs of finished handspun that could then join the fantasy train of knitting projects I will magically find the time to take on. Imagine it with me, now, and just for a few seconds. Ahhhhh. Right?

But there is always a dark side to stashing: the potential for moths (oh, my dear friend had a case of them recently and it was terribly troubling); the potential for sadness and stress over happiness and fun; the storage issues–yep, I would need to buy at least a few more bins; and the languishing braids, fleece, and yarn that are already yearning to break free from the stash and find my wheels and needles.

And so, dear reader, with some reason and a bit of will power, I did not buy 11 pounds of fiber. Yet.


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5 Responses to Reader, I Did Not Buy 11 Pounds of Fiber

  1. It’s the yet that gets me in the end:)


  2. catek2652 says:

    I hear you on this. And I have probably 25 pounds of fiber at the mill being processed into roving as we speak. And a couple of weeks ago, I found an additional two fleeces that need to be processed. Having been a former owner of sheep, it is amazing how this stuff accumulates. In any case, much will be dyed and then spun. I’m thinking and planning to get back to my winter practice of spinning while watching TV in the evenings. I am painting and weaving during the daylight hours because the light is better and this summer I’ve been taking care of mending and other light/cool projects during evening hours like learning to make crocheted edging or some such. But winter seems made for spinning.


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