Episode 97: Accessory Avalanche!!

Hi yarn-people! I have a real treat for you today: 100% Romney yarn from Flora & Fauna Farm put up in three different weights. I spent the last couple of weeks knitting it into some beautiful accessories! So, we’ll have some yarn show and tell, a discussion about Romney sheep, and a giveaway! Special thanks to Ash Lovett of Flora & Fauna Farm for sending the yarn for the review and giveaway 🙂 Plus, a new mitten from Albina of LB Handknits. It really is an avalanche of accessories!! Help . . . or just come hang a while, eh? ~Melissa

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To enter the giveaway for two skeins of Flora & Fauna Farm yarn, please leave a comment here, on the Ravalry thread, or comment on the YouTube episode. Tell us about what you love in the Flora & Fauna farm webshop (www.floraandfaunawool.com). Due to the pandemic, I am only able to ship to the domestic US at the moment. Hoping to return to full international giveaways someday! I’ll draw a winner by random number in 2 weeks time.

“Out of My League” KAL info: Do you have some languishing WIPS from years past that you just couldn’t finish? Have a few patterns stashed away that seemed too hard? Well, this is the KAL for you! Pick up a pattern or a project that once seemed “Out of Your League” and give it another go! I have three in mind that ‘ll be casting on–and all from deep stash, so no need to buy yarn 🙂 Join me? We’ll be chatting on the “Out of My League” thread in Ravelry!

Call for Designers: https://knittingthestash.wordpress.com/call-for-designers-shorn-iii/ Ravelry group: https://www.ravelry.com/groups/knittingthestash

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4 Responses to Episode 97: Accessory Avalanche!!

  1. – Not for the giveaway! –
    Hi – lovely episode as always. The minute you mentioned you and Spencer wearing matching items I thought of the couple in the 1980s UK comedy series Ever Decreasing Circles who always wore matching knits. Just Google Howard and Hilda and have a laugh.

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  2. Suzanne says:

    I’m going to follow suit with Pamela and say, “not for the giveaway” but I did want to acknowledge that I really enjoyed the episode. You inspire me to stretch my skills. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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