Episode 18: Ella Love and Farm Investigations

Happy to be posting Episode 18–wahoo! This one is short and sweet: I talk about my finished Ella cardigan, some farm investigations I’ve been undertaking, and a test knit for Anna of the Dunkelgrün Podcast! Plus, I announce the winner of the Moonstone Dyeworks Giveaway!

Show Notes:

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6 Responses to Episode 18: Ella Love and Farm Investigations

  1. Eeeek! How did I get so behind again?! Can’t wait to see your finished Ella in detail though – it looks fabulous!


    • Thanks, Helen! Summers have a way of slipping by way too quickly!! We just returned from the mountains and it was amazing out there in Montana–frozen lakes, mountain goats and no people for a full week . . . whoa! Looking forward to catching back up with you and the beasties!!


  2. I’m so thrilled to see the Ella FO, Melissa! It’s a stunning sweater, and what an elegant colourway you’ve chosen. 🙂 How awesome, too, that it’s a top-down and the sleeve mods were easy (I, too, am not a 3/4 sleeve sweater person). Bravo on another gorgeous sweater! Hope you are enjoying your time in Ithaca. 🙂


    • Thanks, Shirley!! We’ve been enjoying a nicely relaxing summer (aside from the usual travel hectic-ness) I’m looking forward to catching up this week and I see a ping in my inbox that your recycled sweater is finished!! Congrats. Going to check it out now 🙂

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