Episode 47: The “Squach” Swatch

Hello my yarn folk! Episode 47 is live! And it’s packed with fun stuffs: Spencer’s “squach” swatch adventures, two WIPs that need modification help, a review of Knit Stars 3.0, some O-Wool O-Wash yarn, and a giveaway winner! Plus, outtakes from our crazy podcasting morning with the puppies 🙂 Come hang out a while?



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1 Response to Episode 47: The “Squach” Swatch

  1. Another great episode featuring more Spencer and more dogs. Loved his “squatch” – makes swatching sound much more like a workout! I think Squatching needs to be added to the Apple Watch as a type of exercise. I hope to see the sweater progress, loving the colour of that Arbor wool, I would totally wear a jumper knit with it. I am 100% in favour of knitting the cowl as designed with the crossover and buttons if only to give yourself the pleasure of knitting more of that gorgeous cable and lace. As to the cardigan, I am about 65% in favour of knitting it as designed. It really depends on what modification you come up with. Thank you for putting up such an enjoyable episode again.


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