Episode 117: Project Queue or Project Pool

Need some knitting company? Spencer and I have you covered with a fun conversation about knitting queues and how we tackle (or don’t) all of the things we want to make. Plus, I have a new pattern out: the Fire and Ice Cowl (plus kits!) and I have Rachel Illsely’s Orbits sweater on my needles–let’s talk about colorwork, eh? Come hang a while? ~Melissa

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4 Responses to Episode 117: Project Queue or Project Pool

  1. I love the idea of thinking of all the projects in your head (and stash) as a pool of possibilities. So often we feel guilty about choosing one thing over another, as if the act of selecting to spend our time with one thing diminishes everything else, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Fascinating episode and, as always, great to see the interaction between you both.


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