Episode 9: A Sweater is Born

In today’s episode, I debut my finished Ebba Pullover, give you a tour of my walking wheel, and show off some lap waste yarn I’ve just finished spinning.

Welcome back to those who have been following along and a big welcome to any new viewers. Head over to the Ravelry group to introduce yourself!


Show Notes


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11 Responses to Episode 9: A Sweater is Born

  1. madgeface says:

    Thank you so much for the shout out! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you as well! Super thank you for demonstrating how a walking wheel works; I’ve seen them around and had a fuzzy idea of how they work, but now I know! And your sweater looks great! I predict that it’s going to become a wardrobe staple. 🙂


  2. Your Ebba sweater is so beautiful, well done!


  3. Incredible work on the Ebba pullover, Melissa! It’s a pleasure to get a bit of a walkthrough for the construction and modifications you’ve done (I like the longer, colourworked sleeves) and to hear about the steeking process. 🙂 Congrats on a stunning sweater, and on finding your colourwork mojo! I have always wanted to see a knitting belt in action – thanks for the reminder about the Fruity Knitting podcast.


  4. Oh wow, your sweater looks incredible… And you’ve really powered through it! It seems like no time since you were knitting swatches. Totally worth the heart-stopping steeking moments! It was cool to get a closer look at your walking wheel as well – although I think that your dining room is probably now officially a craft room, whether you like it or not!


    • ha! yes, we dine in the craft room, occasionally–that may be the better way to phrase it! Thanks for your kind words about the sweater. I’m inspired to knit up some more now. You must have a lot of opportunities to experiment with clothes given all of your cute beasties!

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      • Yes, their wardrobe options have expanded exponentially in the last couple of years… I’ve made everything from wedding dresses to Rambo’s combat pants! I think teeny Aran sweaters are still my favourite though. I should take a leaf out of your book and try some colourwork next!

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  5. Your sweater looks amazing and now that I know you have a podcast (a fact That has somehow escaped me until now) I’ll be binge watching your episodes. I especially look forward to seeing this last one and learning all about your walking wheel which I have never heard of before. Much to look forward too:)


    • Thanks so much!! I love your yarn and I’m so glad to have met you virtually 🙂 I used your “Lagoon” colorway for the toes and heels of some fresh-off-the needle socks and they look SO COOL! Enjoying your bog, as well!

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