Farmer’s Market-ing

Spent a little time in Ithaca, NY this past week and, of course, hit up the Farmer’s Market. I found a new little farm, Forget Me Not Farm, that raises Jacob sheep  . . . and that means new roving to try on the ol’ spinning wheel. ❤ But first, that roving had to be ferried across the inlet on our well-loved canoe.



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10 Responses to Farmer’s Market-ing

  1. Alina says:

    What a color!!!

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  2. Cheryl Dambrowski says:

    Looks like you are in for some real fun!

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  3. I love this combination of fiber and canoeing!

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  4. madgeface says:

    I’ll just be over here imagining your Moonrise Kingdom-like summer with fiber arts merit badges.

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  5. Ha! Crafts and canoeing… What a perfect combination! If the rest of your summer is like this, you’re in for a good one 😀

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