New KnitTech: The BlueTooth Enabled Hat

Guest post by Spencer:

Though knitting may seem like stone age behavior to some, or at least a throwback to the mellowness of pre-industrial times, I’m constantly reminded of how high-tech knitting has long been. The Chief Knitter and I visited a mill last summer, for instance, and found it filled with early 20th century machines that were anything but simple. Mechanization is at the heart of many of skein and hank of yarn. And then there are the detachable-looped needles and lazy Kates and drum carders — all complex tools for making complex woven fiber strands for knitting.

With all that said, this BlueTooth enabled knit hat seems somehow different. Charge up the battery in the hat via your USB cable, then hold down the play button on the brim to pair your device — er, I mean hat. Find “Magic Hat” on your list of BlueTooth speakers and you’re ready to start streaming music and listening to podcasts via your winter hat. If Mom calls to tell you about her new felting project, you can listen to her via the speakers in your hat. The speakers are sewn right into the brim.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 8.27.04 PM

I’m guessing some purists are shaking their heads in disgust, just before clicking back over to Ravelry. “Who needs a mass-produced BlueTooth enabled hat?” Others are thinking “Well, it isn’t hand made” and trying to forget all about it. But maybe there are a few others thinking about buying this hat, which is under $20 on Amazon, only to cut out its BlueTooth guts and graft them into a hat you are making. Still others are thinking about a new line of Arduino-driven knitwear. Speak into the mitten. Count your steps with your scarf. Track your GPS coordinates via the unit in your shawl.

The thing about this hat that you’ve gotta know is that the sound is pretty darn good. A hat you can listen to is a form of KnitTech worth paying attention to.

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