Destashing . . .


Summer time  . . . and the de-stashing it easy! Most has been claimed, there are only a few stragglers; I shipped out 2 lbs of fiber just yesterday! Whoa. It’s feeling great to be making some room in he bins again.

There will, likely, be some new acquisitions  . . . I’ll admit that! But, I do not regret the stashing of fiber (and yarn) as it has allowed me to learn more and more about what I love and what I want to spin. Experiments are the best teachers.

What’s new for the stash this summer? I’m so glad you asked! I received this lovely batt and skein from Christina of AlohaBlu as a thank you for her blog spot (thanks, Christina!) and, well, they clearly need a special place in the stash 🙂


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2 Responses to Destashing . . .

  1. BeeJeweled says:

    Hey, if you have any left, bring it with you tomorrow!


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