T-Pins Tip

I’ve been working on my Persian Dreams Blanket (somewhat secretively), but I had to share this quick tip: if you need a lot of T-pins for blanket squares, hexis, or lacework, head over to your local office supply store! Do not go to a big box yarn store or even your favorite online yarn dealer . . . a box of T-pins at one of these places can cost $3-5 for about 20 pins! Whoa. Turns out your local office supply store has some great T-pins on offer in massive quantities for cheap. Here is the comparison:


Happy blocking! And don’t forget to enter the Knitting in France giveaway: to enter, leave a comment on the blogpost, on Episode 12 of the podcast, OR in the Ravelry group! Contest ends April 22!

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9 Responses to T-Pins Tip

  1. metaspencer says:

    Great tip on the T-Pins! And I see they’re on Amazon for just under $5 ($.04/pin) for a box of 100: http://amzn.to/2ovU4Cm

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  2. Diane Flindt says:

    Thanks for the T-pin idea. I never seem to have enough, and of course, I’d rather spend money on yarn.


  3. Alina says:

    That’s is a great idea! Usual pins always “run away” 🙂


  4. Oh maaaaaan! I just bought my first ever box of t-pins in a yarn store like a sucker! At least my projects are so small that I never need too many, but I’ll remember this all the same. Cheers!


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