Episode 14: Windy WIPs and GIVEAWAY!

In today’s episode, I chat about WIPs while enjoying the outdoors! I also take a look back at some early spinning and knitting work as an encouragement to beginners. And, of course, I feature lots of indie dyers and fiber folk! There is a GIVEAWAY for an issue of PLY Magazine and a gorgeous batt from Ranching Tradition Fiber (details below) . . .

BTW: My apologies for the occasional wind blasts in the video–I did not have my husband’s camera and microphone at my disposal this weekend 🙂


Giveaway! Got some advice for new spinners and knitters? –> Leave a comment on Episode 14 (YouTube) OR in the Episode 14 Thread in our Ravelry Group telling us about your beginnings as a knitter or spinner! Close Date: May 19th; winner announced May 20th!

Show Notes:

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10 Responses to Episode 14: Windy WIPs and GIVEAWAY!

  1. Oooh, how exciting! I can’t wait to check out your early knits… I actually brought some of my own back from a recent trip to visit my parents. One word – YIKES! I see some frogging in my future! 🐸


    • Helen, I wish I could have included a few more–my camera freaked out on me! Lol, luckily I only lost about 2-5 minutes of footage, but oh boy, it was some grand, grand early knitting. Maybe a blogpost to make up for it? Can’t wait to see you early stuff sometime (eep!)

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      • Well, if you insist! 😂 I’ve got a few pieces sitting around at home, I think… Hold on to your hats for some SERIOUS lime green eyesores! I’ll see what I can rustle up, and I’ll post in a week or two. Hey, maybe we could make an event of this, and get all your fibre-lovin’ followers to post about their early knitting? 🤔

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      • Oh, yes! Let’s! Shall we email some ideas?


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  5. Julie says:

    I’m new to your podcasts and to spinning. I’m looking for the best possible spinning magazine and/or books for a beginner spinner. As you’ve been through this process, what resources have helped you the most? Thanks for your help and your contributions to this world I love.

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    • Hi Julie, I started off with Spin-Off and then added PLY Magazine to my shelf. PLY has some super in-depth issues on specific skills. My best, first spinning resource is Jacey Boggs Crafty class “From Worsted to Woolen”–excellent instructional that you will keep coming back to! For color, I like Felicia Lo’s Craftsy class. She now has her own “Sweet Georgia School” of classes on color, as well. Anne Field’s books, Learn to Spin and Spinning Wool Beyond the Basics are excellent resources for the hows and whys of what you’re doing. Rachel Smith’s Wool n Spinning podcast (especially the early episodes) are
      a super fun route into the craft. She is amazing! And, of course, if you have a guild or a knit shop in the area, they might offer classes or just fun fiber folk to learn from. I hope that helps!


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