Episode 21: In the Grease!

Hey Hey! It’s a podcast weekend around here! And this one is all about yarns in the grease: skeins than have some lanolin preserved or added into their production process. I have some great info and recommendations for you! And, of course, plenty of FOs and news on the long-awaited Aileas button-front! Won’t you join me?


Show Notes:

Knit Together Project

Alias Cardigan by Isabell Kraemer

Mood (NYC)

Maria of the Stitched in Sweden Podcast

Tommi Squirrel Pie Productions

Old Crow Art Yarns

RebelTwo Shawl by KnitGraffiti

MadelineTosh Merino Light (singles yarn)

3-in-1 Sweater

Denali by Norah Gaughan

BartletteYarns (USA)

Dale Garn Natural Lanolin Wool

Anna of the Dunkelgrun Podcast

Sirri Yarn

Navia Yarn

Snaelden Yarn

Faroe Island Sheep

Rachel of the TreeHouse Knits Podcast

Rachel of the Wool n Spinning Podcast

Sarah of Fiber Trek

Sonnets Ullkur Wool Wash

Island Wool Company

Nitty by Nidhi Kansal

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2 Responses to Episode 21: In the Grease!

  1. Wonderful episode – it’s great to see the buttons sewn on. Despite your comments on the sewing, the buttons are looking perfectly evenly spaced! (something I’ve struggled with when it comes to buttons). And lovely to see the brioche shawl in action – it will definitely come in handy when the weather falls below zero. I enjoyed the discussion of lanolin and the Faroe Islands (apparently, the lanolin-rich sweaters provided water-proof protection from the elements and, if accidentally dropped in the water, floated long enough to be easily retrieved. Is this true?). Looking forward to seeing the cable-sweater as it develops!

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    • Hi Shirley, Thanks! And yes, I think they floated . . . but I don’t know for sure . . . I know they often threw the new mittens in the boat bottoms and stomp on them a bit to wear them in! I loved learning that fact 🙂 And thanks for all of your words of encouragement, as always. My buttons are looking better and better in my eyes!

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