Episode 30: Sweaterama!

Episode 30 features Spencer in his new Denali sweater . . . and, of course, Tink the puppy! Banter between us covers a CABLE FIX and a SWEATER PILLOW; I have an updated On the Spice Market shawl WIP made from Jennifer Guyor’s new Pace and Presence yarn; sweater test knits and big plans for the new year. Plus, an update on the Re-Make-Along and the Knit Together Project. And a gorgeous GIVEAWAY from Dynamixx Yarns! Come hang with me and my special guests!

To enter the GIVEAWAY, leave a comment HERE, on the YouTube video for this episode, or in the Dynamixx Giveaway Ravelry thread: what would you like to ask Marce and Adachi of Dynamixx Yarns?

FOs: Denali Sweater
WIPs: On the Spice Market and an LB Hand Knits Test Knit
Sweater Love: Laitis and Geiger
Giveaway: Dynamizz Yarn



Ravelry group: http://www.ravelry.com/groups/knittingthestash


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20 Responses to Episode 30: Sweaterama!

  1. metaspencer says:

    Thanks for having me on the ‘cast! The sweater is a gem

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  2. Melody says:

    I left a comment last night, but it seems to have vanished! I love love love the sweater—those cables are amazing!!! My hubs started watching the podcast with me and then found Spencer in Instagram. He was excited to find that they are both bow hunters.

    I would ask the talented mother and daughter how do they constantly come up with fresh ideas for new colorways—where do they find inspiration?

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  3. Maria Shea says:

    Thank you for the showing Geiger. It’s a must knit for me too. Love your vlogmas on YouTube. Your face on this sweaterama vlog says it all.
    Happy knitting and I am glad to have found you here and on YouTube

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  5. Dalyn Huntley says:

    Collaboration reveals such insights when it is a family member.
    Have there been times when either of you have been surprised
    Or learned a new aspect of the other’s talents.

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  6. Debt Salaxar says:

    So many wonderful projects, so little time.

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  7. Georgia Green says:

    Please enter me in the giveaway for the gorgeous Dynamixx yarn. What I would like to ask Marce and Adachi of Dynamixx Yarns is: What is your favorite special effect to create when dyeing yarn — ombré, self-striping, self-patterning, variegated (aka space-dyed), or something else? Thanks very much for the opportunity to win!

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  9. Carolyn Zewe says:

    I’m very interested in natural dyes! What resources would they recommend for someone wanting to naturally dye their own yarn? Can your forage for most of your materials or grow your own?

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  10. I would be interested in how Dynamixx yarns came about, did one or both knit/crochet/weave, and how did they decide to use natural dyes instead of acid dyes?

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  11. tracy says:

    I recently played around with some natural dyes but all the metal mordants (alum sulfate, copper, etc) have me running back for the “safety” of citric acid and acid dyes. I haven’t heard any dialogue about this, but in the absence of any scientific evidence based research I feel left to follow my gut. Was wondering their thoughts.

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  12. A fun and intriguing episode, Melissa! (which I’m just catching up on over some knitting today). 🙂 Incredible work on the sweater – it is all the more impressive knowing that you set yourself the challenge of using an entirely different weight from pattern’s and made your way through the mods. And bravo on your ingenious grafted cable fix. You’ve definitely created an heirloom garment! Happy to know, too, that the squares are slowly coming in. 🙂 And, my giveaway question for the Dyenamixx ladies: what is your favourite plant to dye with, and why?

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  13. Oh, this was such a fun episode! I’m so glad got some time to watch it at last. Spencer’s sweater is a masterpiece – that fix was a stroke of genius! When I saw the closeup of the “wobble” I was so sure that you were prepping us for a massive unravelling and reknitting event, so I think we’re all glad it didn’t come to that. It was also so cool to see yarn from my buddy Diarmuid at S Twist making its way into your stash!
    Oh and I might be too late for the giveaway, but I’ll ask a question anyway – do Marce and Adachi collaborate on all their colour choices, or do they have distinct styles that make some of their yarns very obviously inspired by one or other of them?

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    • Yay! Thanks, Helen! Sorry for the long wait for me to reply . . . it’s been a bit crazy here with jury duty and the whatnot. The S Twist Wool is so unique and fun to knit with; I hope I pronounced Diarmuid’s name correctly–oh how I tried! More things Irish!! Hugs from IL!


      • Hahaha! Oh, I hear you… Somehow I’ve fallen a bit behind on all things bloggy too lately, although I don’t have the excuse of jury duty or being a published author to fall back on! 😂 As far as I remember, you coped admirably with Diarmuid’s name… But if your paths should ever cross, call him “dear mud” and you’ll be A-OK. (And just be glad his name isn’t Caoimhín! 😀) Hugs back from snowy Ireland!

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      • Oh thank goodness for your nemonic! I won’t forget it ever now!!


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