Re-Skeining Yarn After Dyeing

After dyeing up a storm this weekend, I needed to re-skein my yarn. It was a bit messy after it’s bath and bubble and dry. I usually tie off my skeins with 3-4 ties before any kind of bath, but no matter, they can always use a little tidying up afterwards.


And so, I turned my swift on its side, caked up my yarn, and ran it through its paces! One of my favorite tutorials for this whole process is from Hue Loco. Basically, you use the swift to cake your yarn, then you turn you swift sideways and secure it to something vertical (like a chair back–or in my case the side of the loom) and then spin your way to a fresh,neat skein!

You can watch the Huu Loco tutorial here:


Caking up the dyed yarn before re-skeining


The Cakes!


Re-skeined and so happy!


The pile of newly dyed sweater yarn!

How do you re/skein your yarn?

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2 Responses to Re-Skeining Yarn After Dyeing

  1. madgeface says:

    Such pretty colors!

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